Monday, April 19, 2010

Can't stop my consumer ways

Damn it, winters approaching and The Deal has to go and announce a sale on faux possum winter throws.

But I am in savings mode right now, plans are for a big midwinter party to celebrate Zed's (and my) big number birthdays. All up we're 80. So the big temptation is to have an 80's party. But costumes tend to freak people out, so maybe everyone can just RSVP with their favourite 80's song and I'll make a play list who knows. Just about narrowed down a venue, any last minute suggestions welcomed. Our house is far to small for the millions of people Zed knows. So where are the good venues for big birthday bashes?

1 comment:

Nina said...

I gots to say, that EVERYONE loves a dress-up party!
And last time one of Zed's friends had an 80's bash, do you remember the marvellous cosumes?
Oh please please please let me dress up.... huh huh huh?