Saturday, July 09, 2011

Anniversary Fun

After completely forgetting how long we'd been married we finally figured out (after digging up our old Vegas photos and looking at the date tags) that we have been married for 5 whole years.

So off for some fine Japanese dining to celebrate. Musashi in Milford is a small bustling restaurant with excellent food and service.

Where else can you get your grilled eye fillet nigiri torched table side?
Or super tender Beef Tataki
 Or Asahi beer served with a chilled mug

Prices we very reasonable and after 5 shared dishes, a bottle of sake and a beer we walked out of there only $94 dollars poorer. A small price to pay to celebrate our shared years. 10 years ago we were flatting in Hamilton, now we have our own house in Auckland. Who know what the next ten years will bring. :)

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