Sunday, July 03, 2011

Waiheke Winter Fun

Many moons ago I got some vouchers on grabone for 1/2 price Waiheke ferry and lunch at Stonyridge winery.
My dear Nina also jumped on this deal so we were all set for a girls day out on Waiheke, Sadly the lunch vouchers were only 1 voucher for two people, so we were stuck with an extra voucher.
I'm on a ferry
So we're on the 11am ferry and Nina (an ex waiheke native) runs into some friend and yay, we are suddenly a party of four and can use our extra voucher for lunch. I liked there ferry ride, the weather was calm and I had a nice coffee. I was still half asleep but we amused ourselves with watching befuddled tourists.

Note if you have a bike or a dog you can still go on the ferry but you have to sit outside.

Thanks to the joys of NZ being a stupidly small space we now had transport on the island, a car was aquired from a friends dad after a short bus trip to surfdale and island exploration began.

Stoney ridge was packed so we booked in for a late lunch and went for a coffee and strolls on the beach at onetangi.
OMG sunshine
Met up with another friend with delightful dogs who chased  balls and dug holes till everyone was starving.

Return to the Vineyard for foods and wines yay!.......except there are a lot of very young waitresses at Stonyridge and our order never made it to the kitchen. We were starved and sad, so a complimentary bottle of wine was produced to ease our troubles, and bread and a lamb dish.  So a million hours later we finally got our meals but there were very tasty and they were very nice to us so we will forgive them.

After yakking all afternoon we were still thirsty so after one soul popped off to the ferry we hung out at the Lazy Lounge and had beer and THE BEST GODDAMN PIZZA I've ever had. Seriously, it was very good.

Then another beer on the ferry and me running my drunken mouth non-stop at Nina, who is such a good listener! Finally home for cups of tea and some pre-recorded British comedy. All in all an excellent midwinters day out.

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