Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brunch at Pear Tree

Eggs Benny $15.5
Mushrooms on toast $15
Flat White $3.9
Latte $4.5
Steinlager Premium light $7
Total $45.90 (A bit less than I pay for a breakfast out in Auckland at somewhere like the Papermoon cafe)

I only just found out that the house now know as the Pear Tree was previously owned by distant relatives and my mother used to spend nights there as a child. But now its a wonderful place to eat and if you're ever in Kerikeri stop by!

Its conveniently located at THE tourist hot spot stone store and Kemp house, but doesn't suffer from tourist trap prices and the food is excellent. Its so good I went twice, once for lunch and back again the next day for brunch. Who can resist sitting in the sun watching the water and perving at the tourists?

The seared scallop salad thing i had for lunch was perfect, the whole thing was deliciously, loads of different flavours all working together to make me wish I'd ordered two. They have Stoke amber and golden lager on tap, plus Guiness and a selection of reasonably priced wines. 

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Robert said...

The Pear Tree looks great. Paper Moon is one of my regular places to have a happy hour wine - normally after a walk around Mairangi Bay.