Monday, April 09, 2012

Going to The Pub

My mums partner has returned to OZ for work because he just couldn't make enough money in NZ. Fair enough wages here are pretty bad compared with the ever increasing cost of living. One things my mum mentioned that really hit home for me is that they often found they had to decline shouting a round or avoid going out with friends because it was too expensive. I know the feeling, I couldn't afford to buy other people drinks that's for sure. I can't really afford to go out for lunch/dinner unless I have a coupon. (Yay grab one!)

I've of a couple of workmates who seem to manage to go out several times a week and I get regaled with tales of restaurants and bars. Ah to lead a life where I could just go out if I didn't feel like cooking.

So what does a pub lunch on the North Shore of Auckland cost?

Macs Brew Bar Hurstmere road
Rustic Pizza $21
Hand cut chunky fries $8
2 x Pints $17
Total $46 (I paid only $26 thanks to a grabone voucher)

The pizza and fries could have fed 3 people though, we certainly didn't finish it all. If we'd had two beers each the price would have rocketed to $63. $63 for beers,pizza and chips? Does that sound reasonable
thats about;

$51 (US)
£32 (GB)
$50 (AUS)
$51 (CAN)

So is NZ expensive or just expensive compared to my wages? Is it reasonable to assume an average worker could afford to go out for a meal once a week? Or am I trying to aspire to a lifestyle way beyond my means,  has my generation come to expect too much? 

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Anonymous said...

I hear your pain. I really like food and the restaurant experience, but I seldom get to do it because I can't afford it. I go for brunch/lunch more often, but still not very often - its cheaper than going out for dinner.

When out for brunch/lunch or dinners, I would still generally try and be frugal. E.g. I might just have fries, or just a scone, or a salad or something - and a tea or water.

I have an OK paying job (not amazing), but I'm also single, with a mortgage, a studen loan (I'm 32), and everything that happens I have to pay for all by myself.

Luff you, Jamie :)