Saturday, June 17, 2006

Elvis wedding is booked!!!

Well after two false starts we finally got a chapel booked!
We are getting the Elvis Wedding Package B (why B because that was the only option you could pick when booking online :-/)

We are getting married on the 4th of July at 10:30am (yay we got our fourth of July wedding now we have no excuses for forgetting our own anniversary.)

And for those of you that cannot make it to Las Vegas you can watch online as there will be a live webcam broadcast, but even if you cant be bothered watching that we will bring home a DVD of the main event! See, Vegas is +19 hours.... so a 10:30am July 4th wedding works out to be 5:30am July 5th here. Well as best I can work it out. (afterall it is the weekend and I am very very tired y'all can correct me if Im wrong)

Ok now the good news is over I get to complain, after having numerous emails bounced back to us we ended up choosing our 3rd preferred elvis wedding option. Crappy websites with crappy forms that would not submit the data. This was especially interesting after an article in the herald stated that NZ was behind the rest of the world in terms of online bookings for tourists. Well we are doing a damn site better than Las Vegas I can tell you!

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Cavegirl said...

I am so excited about your wedding! I am defintely going to wake up to see it on the webcam. So, you'd better have the right time or I'll be pissed! (you know me and mornings).