Friday, June 30, 2006

Vancouver - very pretty

So Im in Vancouver for the next little while, meeting in-laws and doing all kinds of touristy stuff. First excursion was to count the golf balls in the Lynn Canyon Park. I counted 13 and half a dozen Jandals. (The waterfall creates a small whirlpool and all the debris from the river collects and spins round for all eternity.)
We walked around the tracks for a couple of hours and even helped a lonely lost tourist we found surving on wild berries off the beaten path.
" I hope you guys know where you are cause I sure hell dont! How do I get back to the swing bridge"
Just as well we were there or he might have been just another statistic. I'm glad to do my part for Canada.


Cavegirl said...

Hello Canada! Hope you've had maple syrup.

Mum wants to know if you found any matching jandals - you could wear them to the wedding! (tee hee Mum).

Cavegirl said...

P.S. cute picture!

Ross MacLeod said...

Getting married in Vegas!
No wonder I couldn't contact you.

Drop me a line if you have time.


Anonymous said...

Time's getting close - got buterflies? Shoes - Susie has a whole closet of them - Counting down dont forget to wave we'll all be watching - you timed it well the world cup follows!

Beth & Harley said...

darling girl.....just beware of the bears....cant wait to c the weddibg with elvis

Cavegirl said...

I've tried and tried to get onto the live web wedding thing, but it's not working, so I'm going back to bed.

Bigs/Gaely/Mickland/Tony said...

we all with you here at 9a but the only thing that comes up is - wot are you two up to!!. - never mind we love the bears (saw them in Sydney on their world tour)Every happiness and love from us all

Cavegirl said...

Beautiful wedding photo babies! Congrats! xo.