Monday, June 12, 2006

Uh Oh I cant decide where to get married!

Ok. Its Vegas and there are a million places to get married. I know that I want an Elvis wedding and I want it to be fun.
So here are my choices

Las Vegas weddings 4 u (dot com) Have two elvis packages to choose from. This one has the added bonus of including a live webcam for all the folks at home.

Then I have the Elvis chapel specials - this place seems simple and are very up front about extra costs.

THE Elvis chapel OF Las vegas has a couple of deals going.

And then finally in an ultimate Vegas combination, its the Elvis Drive thru wedding.

And I must mentally add 7% state tax + tip for the "complimentary" limo $40 and Ministers fee $50 and marriage license $55!

whew, its a lot to consider. But hey, Im still getting married for less than a grand. Yay for my frugal self!

What we have managed to book is the "Las Vegas Neon Fantasy Night flight". yeah yeah I know why cant they just call it "helicopter tour". But I am looking forward to my neon fantasy experience.

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Cavegirl said...

You freaks, that's awesome. You should get the package with the free sunglasses.