Friday, November 17, 2006

House Thing going well

Just got all our reports in! LIM, Valuation and Building inspection. Its all good people.
Except the piles for the deck. Seems the owners did a DIY fixit on the old ones. urgh. Not so pretty. Anyway a friend of mine happens to have a husband who is a structural engineer. Overkill maybe, but he's going to take a look at it on Sunday for us. Other problems include a 46 year old roof and a few bits of wood that need replacing. Just typical stuff for a house of that age. Structurally its fine and it passed the moisture test.

Anyway here is a pun to lighten the mood.


Anonymous said...

I'd pass on the moisture test too - no thanks!


Cavegirl said...

!! Love the pun! I am going to steal the picture, okay. I saw one of those creatures at Seaworld - it was so cool!

So stoked about your house. Can't wait to visit!

scientician said...

Steal away Cavegirl. I saw it on boing boing and stole it from there anyway!

Cavegirl said...

What's boing boing? Can you post me the link?