Friday, November 10, 2006

Stress is my friend

So tomorrow I "helping" with the NorthShore Laboratory Conference. I will be the geek sitting up the front working the projector and laptop. I am so cool. But Instead of focusing on that all I can think of is the House. Capitilised because I love it. So we have made an offer on a place and now its just waiting, LIM reports, building inspections and finalising the mortgage.
I never expecting buying a house to be this tedious. I just want to walk up to a place and say "Yes, I'll take it!" and then have my people talk to their people while I go to the beach and drink mojitos all day.


Cavegirl said...

Which house did you buy?

I'm sure it will be really exciting once you get in there and realise that it's all yours... well, along with the banks ... but still.

Anonymous said...

I hate my flatmate.


Anonymous said...

Which house - where - how - tell us tell us- how can you post that info without telling us. Good luck with your presentation - did one last Wed I was the poor fucking bastard - the "boss" just stood in front - mouthed a few words in English which no one understood (being that we were in Korea) and got all the applause Oh well - waiting!!GLY