Thursday, November 02, 2006

ok new plan

New plan, yep, buy something cheap. That is the new plan.

Oh well, I am off to Taupo for the weekend for a conference so I can't look at houses. But I am sending my hubby out to investigate a few.
Apparently this is "A first home combination thats impossible to resist". Which could be good, depends on how much traffic noise it gets. It seems pretty close to constellation drive. And the sewage settlement ponds.. ARGH! smelly? who can say.

And this is a solid character 1960s Bungalow.

Both homes are nice, cheap and cheerful looking. So I am sending Zed to the open homes.

Or perhaps a Family home on a full site? Its bit further away than we would like. But seems solid. I'm not sure what the area is like though

OH so many factors to consider. Anyway Im off to Taupo, lectures and boozy dinners with sales reps. Fun Fun Fun.

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Cavegirl said...

Get the family home! It looks cool!