Sunday, February 25, 2007

America - Now f#cking up the internet too

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Net neutrality is on the verge of being lost in America. Corporations that own the cables and wires that connect the internets together want to restrict what sites consumers see and how fast they can access them. Oh yeah and they want more cold hard cash for the privilege of doing so!
Corporate giants want to censor the internet. Its already been happening on a small scale. Consumers are prevented from accessing their ISP's competitors. Or from reading websites criticizing their ISP. It sucks to be in America, I get the impression that corporations have taken over congress, democracy and public accountability are jokes and its all about making money.

Im not sure what this will mean for the rest of the world, will we be able to access sites? Will Xtra and Orcon have to pay AT&T to let New Zealand in on the web in America? Or will Telecom take the lead from AT&T and verizon and start trying to put restrictions on the web here! (Ha I'd like to see them try it while Helen is still in power)

If like me you were blissfully unaware of whats going on (WTF is Net Neutrality!?) check out the video on this site. Its short and explains it in a way I can understand.


Cavegirl said...

Oh, we hate those redneck arseholes. Team America, World Police.

Zee said...

And what about those "actors" ;o)

Yeah it's the bloody big corporates yet again. Bastards.