Monday, February 26, 2007

Nuclear Powered Penis Waving

I know nothing about this, so todays post is a lively rant down the garden path.

Why is there a nuclear arms race happening? Isn't it so 1960's? Did anyone learn anything from the cold war?

I can't even begin to understand the complexities of middle eastern politics but why in this day and age would any country start a nuclear arms program?
Possibly its all about status, nothing says to the world "I am awesome!" like nuclear arsenal. It a big "Up your arse" to America because apparently only the U.S.A is allowed to have nuclear weapons anyway.

No one can fire a nuclear weapon on a country that also has nuclear weapons. We all know that before the first missile even hits the ground the counter attack will be away. So no one will ever bother using one. (So I would hope.)

What scares me the most about Iran having nukes, is that they have money. Russia never had money so they had one real nuke and twenty cardboard cutouts "defending" the motherland.
The increased amount of weapons grade uranium and plutonium available in the world cannot be a good thing, while governments can be appeased with diplomacy there are groups that would use nuclear devices simply to incite terror. These groups while not usually able to produce such things on their own are capable of stealing them (I've seen it in movies, y'know). Also the world needs more radioactive shit in it. I want a watch that will glow in the dark for the next 500,000 years. (oh sarcasm, perfect for ranting)

I don't know enough about it, I feel hopelessly uninformed and powerless. As usual the rest of the word will be left to pick up the pieces and deal with the consequences.

US funds terror groups to destabilise Iran
Significant Shift in Middle East Strategy

But you cant trust the media. (Especially not ABC)


James said...

It's a nice insurance policy for the Iranians though. The moment the US tries to invade, kiss good bye to Israel.

Interestingly enough I believe China is the only state to have stated it will not attack non-nuclear states with nukes. So much for the moral high ground.

Cavegirl said...

Is that guy supposed to be saying Morons?

Cavegirl said...

or morons maybe? ...

scientician said...

Yeah, the guy is supposed to be saying morons. Hence the hilarity.

While I was typing that little rant, that thought did keep going through my mind. what happens when "the bomb" gets used on a country with no bombs of its own? How would the world retaliate. Would the USA have nuked Iraq if the had used a nuclear bomb on kuwiat in the 90's? Probably not, because the dont want to wreck all the oil. But anyway. It Freaks me out!

Cavegirl said...

But maybe Moran is a person?

Aah, who am I trying to kid. He's just a Moran.