Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sold my soul to the devil himself

I got a myspace page the other day.

Zed has one for his music, even he resisted myspace for ages, but its almost compulsory for a band to have a myspace page. After all its how the arctic monkeys got discovered. Soon after Zed got a page I started hearing all this mypace talk at the dinner table (ok we're not that sophisticated, at the TV with dinnner on our laps is more true to life).

"I've got 50 friends on myspace"

"OMG The dead pan rangers have a myspace page! They're in the South Island now. I miss those guys"
(actually Zed didn't say OMG thats pure creative license right there)

" I got a message on my myspace page"

"My songs got 200 plays on myspace!"

Being the dutiful wife that I am I immediately got insanely jealous of Zed having a myspace page. So I signed up and while my page is the epitomy of understated good taste (Zeds page too!) there are some amazing abominations that pretend to be webpages.

Checkout this famous musicians page! If my eyes could vomit, they would!

For the most part its not insanely easy to mod your myspace page. You can do it, but its hard to do with any finesse. People end up with scroll bars along the bottom of the browser window, hideous font colours and background music (which at least you can turn off). Its like myspace is bringing back the horrible web design of 4 years ago. If we could get some animated hamster gifs in there we'd really be partying.

Personally I prefer Blogger which any Moran can use.

So if you want you can go visit my profile. And if anyone has sunk to the level of having a a myspace page can you please add me as a friend. I dont want to be stuck with Tom forever.

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