Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hey! Wouldn't this be great on a T-shirt?

Ah it already is, I bless threadless! Actually I just bought three shirts off threadless during their latest $10 t-shirt sale. With the exchange rate being so good and postage being reasonable it usually works out at much less than $20NZ a t-shirt. Which I think is a bargin, because the shirts are limited edition, fresh designs (no "logos" or brand names, just cool designs) and quality t-shirts. You wont run into too many people in New Zealand wearing the same t-shirt as you.
plus they have a great loyalty program, just send in a photo of yourself wearing a threadless t-shirt and you'll get a $1.50 credit!
Or even if you fancy yourself a bit of a designer you can submit your artwork and the community will rate it. If it gets the big thumbs up your design gets printed and you get some cash. If your drawing skills are as crap as mine then you can also submit a slogan. Best ones get printed.

So check out
its my favourite shop online!

what did I buy this time?
Get some fresh air
Trojan Hearse
Nineteen seventy five

Also... get $3 off any t-shirt by using the code couponitdotcom


nat said...

That is so cute! Arr, arr.

I still wear that t that you gave me. But guess what? ... I saw a guy wearing one the same up at the Hillcrest shops one day! Weird.

scientician said...

OH MAN! what are the chances, he must have been a real cool guy to have a threadless shirt.