Monday, April 16, 2007

Swedish pirates Ahoy

Yuse fullas may be familiar with the website "The Pirate bay". It is a torrent site (ie a place to find tv shows and music to download! OMG PIRATES!) run by a couple of anti-copyright activists from Sweden. Over there the anti-copyright movement is just as loud as the anti-piracy movement. People even turned out en mass to protest when "The Pirate bay" had their servers confiscated. But don't worry they were up and running again in no time.
The dudes who run the website reckon what they are currently doing is legal under Swedish law, because they don't host the pirated content themselves, only the pointers that let people get the files. (i.e guns don't kill people, people kill people.) Its yet to be tested in the Swedish court though. So for now they can carry on what they're doing. However half the internet reckons they're just in it for the money anyway, philosophies be damed. But like the rest of my generation all I can say is " meh, whatever".

Sweden is also cool because it has a Pirate party. (Thats a political party man, not like a
gathering with cake and beer.) If I lived in Sweden I'd be voting Pirate this month. Its main polices are on strengthening individual privacy and reforms regarding intellectual property rights. No rum drinking or swashbuckling policies though :-(

And for something completely different a swedish pirate band!

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