Friday, April 13, 2007

Im not always a pirate y'know.

Y'know what I hate, paying $15 to see a movie and having to sit through the anitpiracy messages. Freak show movie company. YOU ALREADY HAVE MY MONEY, now show me the movie.
And it gets worse.
The DVDs I buy (and I buy quite a few) also have this antipiracy message. A DVD I paid $30 for is now questioning my moral base everytime I press play. I think the anitpiracy dept needs to rethink their target market.
Its like Mercedes handing out anti-cartheft leaflets with every new S class purchase!

"Well sir since you obviously like cars it seems that its very likely you'll steal them as well!"

I'll probably get frisked next time I try to buy a box set. I may be paying $80 for season 5 of stargate but I probably have two star trek DVDs stuffed down my pants!


James said...

It's the blatant advertising of the 'Yarr' t-shirt that lets them know your moral bankruptcy :-)

Me, I can survive piracy, but the trailers that are on some commercial (not rental) discs, now they piss me off. And DRM. And people who look at me funny. Yarr.

Cavegirl said...

I agree with you Danger. It really gets up my goat. maaaaaaaaaaa.

We used to show these dumb anti-piracy ads in front of the trailers, at work, but I think the advertisers realised how annoying that was. Personally, it leads me to want to be a pirate just to piss them off.

But don't get angry at the cinemas, it's not up to us as to what gets advertised - it's the outside company that organises our advertising and tells us what to play.

scientician said...

Yes well, threadless are my favourite t-shirts ever! Shameless as it is but I get $1.50 credit if anyone clicks on the links and buys a t- shirt. I'm saving up for a hoodie. The cruel cruel New Zealand winter is about to hit y'know!

scientician said...

Cavegirl, I am not mad at the cinema workers. They are my friends, they bake me delicious popcorn and pre-roll lovely chocolate coated ice cream goodness! Ah I love movie ice cream!
It is teh evil movie company overlords who must pay for the atrocities!