Tuesday, October 02, 2007


A city solely created to become the nations capital is a strange city indeed.

And a city that is completely empty when parliament is out of session. It closed on Thursday, I got there Friday.

Firstly we were ripped off by the dodgy taxi driver and despite getting into a yelling match in the hotel driveway we still ended up losing about $20. But the staff at the Rydges hotel more than made up for it. The lovely reception staff were quite lovely and rang the taxi company and complained on our behalf, the also gave me free internet and extra bonus points on my Rydges card.

The next morning we walked into the city centre. The place is like a ghost town, we hardly saw a soul. But the enviroment was pleasant, spacious, a lake, plenty of footpaths, the city seemed to be designed with cycling and walking in mind. Its the perfect little city for an introvert like me.

For lunch we found King O'Mallys. Lovely Irish pub with cascade on tap (one of my favourite aussie beers)

In between times there was a Histology conference, I enjoyed it.It hath renewed my interest and made me remember its not all mundane routine tests. Plus I came away with a few ideas to improve the decalcification processes at the lab.

So while I wouldn't recommend Canberra as the ultimate holiday destination, its not so bad if you just happen to be going there.


Ninoo Whippy said...

Holiday Whippy!

Cavegirl said...

You know, most places are great when you aren't stuck in your normal boring routine. Except Invercargill.