Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Month of Living Free

Recent discussions with friends have left me wondering about my own consumerist ways. Am I one of those "addicted to spending" types? Lately I feel like I have been whipping out my eftpos card everyday, mindlessly spending money on crap.
And then the flip side hit me too. How much energy does is take to produce, package and transport all the crap I buy that I don't need.
I am an environmental nightmare. Sure I recycle, but doesn't everyone? I see all the blue bins out on Thursdays so I can assume my neighbours are doing it too. But wouldn't it be better to not consume as much in the first place?

And so starts my experiment.

One month. No buying anything, with the exception of the weekly groceries.

So November is my anti-consumerism pro-enviroment month. I will not buy any lunches, soft drinks or coffees. No DVDs, books or DVD rentals. No takeaways or restaurant meals. NO PETROL. I will be buying a bus ticket.

I'll let you know how it works out.


Anonymous said...

NO BOOKS!!!!!Susie can we help - you'll need a lot from Santa

scientician said...

Ah books, well bless the library it keeps me with many a tome to read.

Cavegirl said...

But how are you going to buy me a giant extravagant birthday present?!?

Anonymous said...

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