Sunday, October 21, 2007

I want to pay for this song!

Hi folks,

Right now I am sitting at my computer waiting for the digirama software to install before I can purchase any music from them.

Yep the minutes are ticking by......

I could have already downloaded a whole album illegally by now and be listening to it on winamp.
They make it so hard to buy music off the internet its no wonder everyone just does the illegal download. Its a lot easier.

But I love to support kiwi music, I buy it, I insist my friends buy it too. So I'm trying to download your single Exiles, and I'm even going to pay $1.75 for it. If the software ever finishes installing.

Which by the way is quite a violation. I don't want digirama software on my computer! I just want your awesome single on a CD and in my car!

I even tried itunes, but the site was down.

oh look its finished installing!

but guess what

i still cant download the music from the store, the software is crap


I need to install additional plugins?

okay what are they ?

WTF windows media player 11??????? I don't want that!!!!!! it breaks everything I HATE IT.

Just give me my mp3!!!!


FTS !! Iwant that 20 minutes of my life back! OMG!

someone start a torrent, I'll be there with bells on.


Mike said...

Stop whining!

scientician said...

LOL obviously you don't know what blogs are for!

Zee said...

Yeah the difficulty associated with downloading songs legally has driven even more people to illegal downloading.
Sad but true.
Actually it's the copy protection that makes it difficult - the ol' DRM rears it's ugly head yet again...

Trey said...

Yes it's also difficult getting into my car, going down to shop & paying for a CD, guess I should download illegally then.

scientician said...

Good point only uh er the mall isn't open at 10pm. (And would you buy it from a store if the purchasing process took more than twenty minutes and included violating your personal privacy? because this is my point here)
And the single I want to buy is just a that, a single. There is no CD for me to buy.

Zee said...

LOL! What's a CD?

Actually, why do people always assume that you're stupid and/or lazy? Personally, I'm just waiting for online music retailers to get their shit together and realize the old sales model doesn't work anymore.

See Radiohead's latest offering for a better way of doing it, or Apple's fight against DRM in downloads. See about a million articles on the internet about why copy protection just pisses off genuine purchasers by making the whole experience invasive and unpleasant.

And please tell me you've never copied, downloaded or otherwise listened to a track illegally. Bet you have...

Leftist Pinko said...

I dont know why people say "go to the music store then!"
Who wants a bloody cd to clutter up the place these days!??

Plus, even if this track was out as a single... you are not a 12 year old girl who buys singles at the record store!

And yes, it IS easier sometimes to illegally download.

The fact is, all you wanted was a song that you were prepared to pay for.

What you DIDNT want was 2 hours of crap for your $1.75 or whatever it was.

I liked your rant. It was sensible. AND I am impressed that you went to all that trouble for a song. I would have given up.