Sunday, March 09, 2008

Motorola V3.x Worst cellphone ever.

Mostly I think cellphones are dumb. Not that its dumb to have one, that they are themselves stupid.

Modern Cellphones are laboured with poor operating systems, pathetic light capturing devices that they pass off as a feature camera and claim to be mp3 Players but have no headphone output (because really what I want to do is either listen to through the tinny ringer speaker or fork out $80 for blue tooth headphones)

Why I hate my cellphone.

1. Its ugly.

2. It randomly turns itself off.

3. Sometimes crashes during an incoming call.

4. Randomly decides not to play the programmed alarms.

5. Has horrible predictive text.

6. It takes forever to do anything because you have to wade through so many menus.

7. Basically, poor usability.

8. It promised to be so much more.

Reasons why (I have to) like my cell phone.

1. I can't afford a new one.

2. The camera isn't awful

Motorola have been on the down and down since the RAZR, when that first came out, it was awesome, but everything since that has been a razr re-hash, chunkier and crappier.
Read about motorola and why they are now crap.

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