Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pepino - Sub tropical fruit for the kiwi garden

I get the "Get Growing" email newsletter from New Zealand Gardener and this week they featured PEPINO! Actually they featured them a bit late, because if I'd planted them a couple of months ago, I'd have a nice little crop. Lucky for me you can find them at the garden center with a few fruit on them. Also if you keep them protected from frost they will grow year round and produce a massive crop next year.
I purchased the Pepino Incredible Ruby variety and I still want to get a regular Pepino as well.

All I need now is a nice big pot and some trellis or gutter guard and some sticks to make a support for it, otherwise the weight of the fruit becomes too much for the poor little plant!

I'm quite enjoying edible gardening. Its practical and a satisfying hobby. This year I was getting lettuces and cucumbers everyday and I even got tomatoes despite planting them in terrible spots and not trimming the laterals and not feeding them. Things that grew really well were the regular cucumbers, lettuces and apple cucumbers. I have now planted spinach and silverbeet for winter greens and my late beans are throwing me a handful every now and then though they are in a far too shady spot.

What I really need for next year is some raised garden beds for the middle of my tiny back lawn. The little garden of to the side only gets full sun for about 6 weeks of summer then the house shades it a lot in the mornings. So I need to get some scrap wood and get to work so I can fill it with compost and get it ready for spring!

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