Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A POX! A POX on us ALL!!

My co - worker has had a weird rash for the last two days. Turns out its chicken pox. CHICKEN POX. (Pox is a good word it would be in my top 50 words for sure.)

So shes been at work, contagious, spreading the germs everywhere, Poxing all over the place. (From now on pox gets a capital letter.) 5 pathologists couldn't diagnose her so she went across the road to the white cross to see a real doctor. Its says a lot that the hospital employees got to the medical practice across the road rather than see anyone in the hospital.

THATS BECAUSE ITS WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD DO! Seriously, if its not an emergency, see your GP or go to an after hours medical center.

But I digress. POX. So I'm at the gym (I go sporadically) and I have this massive headache. I still have it now, I tried drinking beer but it didn't help. I am full of pox paranoia now.


I don't know If I even had the Pox! However, it may be irrelevant as it is possible to get the pox twice.

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