Thursday, May 01, 2008

Getting dumber all the time

Recent articles have suggested that having a mundane job makes you stupid.

Every week, I feel a bit dumber. I find myself unable to construct sentences and struggle to find words that I swear were in my vocabulary a few years ago.

It really hit home when I was cleaning out my CV folder. Man, I used to write the most erudite application letters ever! I was like some kind of job applying genius. This was of course in the first month or so after finishing university. Studying really made me smart.

Now boring conferences and B.S. 3 day "quality management" courses (that do little more than teach jargon and blame) have left me a shell of my former educated self.


James said...

It's all good until you start using the pseudo-word 'synergy'. Then nothing can save you.

Ninoo said...

God, I LOVE the word SYNERGY.
I love everything about it.