Thursday, May 22, 2008


The Glenfield mall really is quite dismal. All malls are to some extent, but Glenfield mall really is depressing. A huge monolith painted industrial non yellow-yellow that could almost be a colour if you squinted. At least it was appropriate to my mood, after a dismal day at work where better to go and console oneself with blatant consumerism than the soul sucking edifice of the mall. Inside is no better, beige, bland, beige lack of light and full of people just as sad looking as me. A multitude of stores selling nothing I need or want inducing an hour long search for something to buy to make working for a living seem all worthwhile.
But alas, I leave with only chocolate in hand and head off home to eat my feelings. I must have an awful lot of feelings.

I'll put that down to being a passionate person.

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