Sunday, January 07, 2007

Electrical malfunction Day

okay so the little motor that winds up my car aerial is farked, it just wurrs and wurrs churning round and round never actually making the aerial move. Then the electric window on the driver side died (but if you are googling around trying to look for a diagram you need to say "power window" or you'll never find anything). So Zed took the whole door apart and I found out about something called mastic (which is like very sticky runny plastic) only to discover that japanese cars use plastic cogs and they wear out after 15 years. Damn. THEN in the final exasperation with all things electrical the blender decided to start smelling of burning plastic and belch out white puffs of smoke. AWESOME!

But hey its okay, cause Zed took me for a ride out to Bethells beach on his new bike and we only got lost a little bit. It was cool. Its those kind of rides that make me wish I had a brand new bike too!

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