Monday, January 08, 2007

More Sticky Things

This one was a lot harder to spot, looks more like a stick and not like a neon glow stick. I spotted this fella (shiela?) as I was putting the tools away after a hard days gardening. I planted two things! Which was hard work because a) it was on a steepish bank, and b) it was into clay, so I had to dig a giant hole and fill it with compost so the plants wont die. Anyway Im going to buy some native trees in the weekend to put down the back of the garden, I'm looking for plants that will attach the birds. So perhaps a kowhai for tuis and something from here for the wood pigeons.

Up close they could almost be cute.


Anonymous said...

This one looks more like a fella.

Jamie :-)

Cavegirl said...

Your house is scary. I might have to bring a stun-gun when I visit ;-(