Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nostalgia for the ol days

While I was at Grants place perusing his massive CD collection, I found the Inspector Moog CD - Wait!. Far out, quite possibly the most underated NZ pop band ever. I still remember most of the words, even the surreal ( but clever) lyrics to Milk biscut boy. I had to borrow it and have been listening to it for days now.

It reminds me of my band groupy days in Hamilton. Hanging out with Zed at Ward lane or JBC. Watching Rumpus room and Schrodingers cat play what seemed like every weekend. Staying till the venues closed because we had to pack out the P.A. system. And coming home stinking of cigarettes because you could still smoke in bars back then.

Well they were good times, and bloody amazing bands too. When I listen to some of the old songs I am amazed at how good they are. H-town certainly was producing quality sounds back then. Schrodinger's cat really kicked arse y'know!


Cavegirl said...

Schrodinger's Cat thanks you, from the top of our whiskers to the bottom of our tails.

Did you know that they still play 'Joe's Brain' on student radio down here in the Tron?

and I still get royalty cheques! I thinks the last one was for $20.00.

Oh, and I agree about the other old bands. I loved Tweeter myself, and Trucker.

scientician said...

Wow look at this famous person in the H-town wiki. They're hot!

Zee said...

Yeah I miss playing in Schrodies.
It was the best fun - mostly.

Time for another reunion gig yet? ;o)

Cavegirl said...

Yes, I've seen myself on the Wiki! Weirded me out a bit.

Cavegirl said...

My goodness, I've just been to that site, and there is much more stuff there than before. Zed is way famous!

Zee said...

Yeah it's quite freaky having someone else write things about you eh? Not everything is 100% accurate though. Is it Dan Duran doing it?

Cavegirl said...

I think it must be.