Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Equality now

Just because you and I can choose who we date without any repercussions (apart from the occasional "OMG you didn't" from friends) doesn't mean that all women are free. Well duh. I guess we all know honor killings are still going on all over the world and women are often stoned to death for what we see as very basic freedoms. Freedom of association I guess.

The latest killing to be publicised on CNN is all the more awful as several perpetrators decided that this was an event that needed to be immortalised for all time. So while her family were stoning her to death some of her male cousins whipped out their cellphones and began recording. Yes more than one, so you can see her beg for her life from many different angles.

So I'm sick of the PC respect other peoples culture garbage. Beating women to death is not culture. Handing your sister a gun and say kill yourself or you family will kill you (now happening in turkey, honor suicides. touching. not) is not culture.

Anyway our favourite little red haired TV gnome has written a post about women and equality.
Lets all read it together.


Cavegirl said...

I so want to marry that man. we need clones of him. I am going to put the link on my blog too.

scientician said...

yay natty Spread the word!