Wednesday, May 30, 2007


oooooooo Threadless sale! (down from US$17 to US$10 per t-shirt).Time to stock up peoples. You have until June 3rd. The above t-shirt is called the communist party! I am so buying it. Winter is upon me, so I might buy a hoody too. Even though I am so very very poor. I blame that roof.


Cavegirl said...

what do you need to look good for? You have a house! Those of us that don't have a house have to go out in the streets where it's cold and unhomely, therefore we have to look good. Whatever Nat, blah.

I'm coming up on Sat night for a 30th. What you fullas doing Sun morning? Wanna meet for coffee?

scientician said...

Sunday morning sounds cool. txt me with time and place dude!