Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Got Roof?

Well we just got our roof painted. And damn nice it looks too. It was a necessary job before winter really set in as the roof was showing its age. (47 apparently)
The colour is "New Denim Blue" which is a dark blue/gray. It looks spiffy.

The paint job was pretty good, but after the consultant guy came back to have a look he reckons it needs a little finishing. So the team (Rob and Rob) will be back soon to finish off.

I suppose I could post photos, but alas it is dark!

Urgh its dark by 6pm. How horribly depressing.

Anyway speaking of tradesmen, if you have need of one or have used one recently (for whatever purpose) you should visit No Cowboys. Its New Zealand based website where you can rate and review tradesmen from around the country. Its not all ranting and raving either, there are some real great trades people out there with a heap of five star reviews. Check it out bros!

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Gaely said...

Sounds great looking forward to seeing it - if we ever get back to NZ - still in Oz will we see you Sat night (Tony's 21sr) Mike keaves Monday 6pm for Palma