Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Top Five Web Comics..... in no particular order... maybe not even my top five. Five webcomics okay!

Sometimes you need to waste time on the internet, be it the half hour before lunch at work or after work when you should be doing housework of some kind the internet is always there to entertain you. Here are some of my favourite time-waster web comic sites.

Toothpaste for dinner

Simple one panel comics drawn with little artistic skill but masterful depictions of expression. Lots of nerd humour and I hate my job humour. One of my favourites.

The Perry Bible Fellowship

This ones pretty surreal and wacky. Mostly tasteless too. Nice for when you are in a strange head place anyway.

Hyper Death Babies

Black black humour. Really. Some of it is actually just awful. But it has its moments of pure comedy brilliance.


I'd forgotten about this till a friend sent me this one in the mail (email that is). Its nice and nerdy. With lots of math I don't understand, (but i think I still get the jokes I think).


Even if you've never played half life, (as long as you've played some kind of first person shooter) this is the ultimate in gamer nerd comics. My old boss used to be a dick about paying overtime too.

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Cavegirl said...

Yeah, my bosses are dicks about paying overtime. They made me sign a form once, to waive it, when I worked over 40 hours.

Toothpaste for Dinner is my fav!