Thursday, November 13, 2008

Body Tech Gym

Across the road from the hospital once was a field full of cows blowing in the wind. Now its a "commercial" area, with trendy bar, sushi place and poser gym.

But a gym close to work could be just the incentive I need, so I went to check it out.

Its small, very small, but they only encourage an intense 30 min weights work out with as much cardio as you want. Each weights session is fully supervised, so you get a trainer to make sure your form is good and to push you to your maximum effort. So its a gym where you get a personalised trainer for every session. Sounds good, but the catch is this, the trainer only works with you on the circuit, which is all machines. Now I'm no gym expert, but the machines are designed to isolate muscle groups and be pretty fool proof. The machines have a limited range of motion so poor form is actually pretty hard to achieve. So why do you need a trainer for that? I need a trainer when I'm doing weighted lunges and squats to make sure I'm keeping my back straight and to yell at me "SUCK IN THOSE ABS!". I need a trainer to show me how to dead lift safely. I don't need a trainer to set the weights on a leg extension machine. Jeebus. I is not a moron!
But the showers and lockers are heavenly! Free shower gel and shampoo (no conditioner) and free perfumes! oh la la.
Only $150 for two months special offer. Should I take it up and try loose a few kilos for summer? Maybe, I'll see what moneys I have lying around. Maybe if I hadn't got that $200 ticket! what a dumb arse.

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Nina said...

OOh yeah, join. I just joined the YMCA but it is so ugly I don't go. Well, I haven't been yet and I joined 2 weeks ago.

As for a trainer helping when you are on the machines... (from experience in the luxury days when I could afford a trainer)... when I went on any machines he would push me and push me to do more weights, more reps...

Oh, it was glorious. But then, I have low will power and on my own I do the least work possible.