Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am a dumb arse

So my warrent has expired. eh, whatever I say, we are buying a new car soon, no point spending the money fixing up this pile of crap.

But finding a car to buy takes time. And motivation. And more savings. But its okay because we are finally there. Enough moneys now! and this weekend we can go buy a car.

So I'm taking a day off work, and I'm driving to the mall. A van flashes his lights at me, but before I could say "what the?" I was over the crest of the hill and there was a damn check point.

At first the officers were all confused because my rego is all up to date and paid for. I guess the usuall derros with no warrent have no rego either. So I only get the one fine. $200. So I can finally join the ranks of my brothers and cousins as a card carrying fine gatherer.

Did you know you can pay police fines online with a crdit card? You can do everything online these days! Its wonderful.

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