Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm quite moved

I can't help it, I'm caught up in the Obama fandom. I am relieved McCain lost.

Obama has so many hopes to fulfil, and many world issues that I didn't believe will be fixed in my generation to face. I wonder if he will still have the support 4 years from now.

I'm a science fiction nerd, I've read many idealist visions of the future. When I saw how the world got behind Obama, I felt for the briefest moment, what it could be like under a united earth. Sci fi gets a bad rap, but those novels featuring a utopian earth were amazing to me even a a child. Even then I thought it a beautiful yet impossible dream.

Dare I let go of all my genX cynicism?


Nina said...

I think that is where the world is headed... maybe not in our lifetime...
I loved this blog x

G said...

Have faith and hope Nina,Susie and all of you and make it happen in your lifetime - you guys can do it