Monday, October 03, 2011

View from the top!

So in my break, instead of lounging around drinking bad coffee and listening to the inane gossip about princess beatrice getting married and OMG dan carters groin and didn't she lose a lot of weight blah blah blah (woman's magazines should be banned, I'm not for book burning per say but I would be happy if I never saw another woman's day, new idea or woman's weekly in the tea room ever again.) 

I seem to have gotten distracted. Anyway I decided to climb all the stairs, Yep all the stairs to the top of the North Shore Hospital tower block and above is le view from le top. You can see the concrete monstrosity that is the new parking building. Once its completed our free parking privilege is terminated, but hey at least I will be able to park undercover and about 200 metres closer, see that car park in the distance, that's where the plebs (aka me) have to park. 

It only took a few minutes, but god damn my heart was skipping by the time I reached the top. Its a good tea break work out. I even suffered a little jelly leg afterwards. I stand to do my bench work and I was feeling a little weak on it straight after! But its worth it, for buns of steel!

But wait there's more. I came home and ran 3.3km and managed to avoid serious down pours! Running gods did bless me today.

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