Tuesday, October 04, 2011

View from the tenth floor

More stair climbing in my break. This is the view from the main stair well on the tenth floor. You can go up another floor but it narrows to single file and  some nurse was trying to have a private conversation on her cell half way up and by the looks of things didn't need my heavy breathing ruining her day.

My calf muscles are a wreck. Stairs fuck you up. big time.

After work I went to the gym for an upper body work out. Shoulders, Back and chest, with a smidge of bicep work. I hates biceps, I cant see the point in isolating a teeny muscle. Boring. I struggled a bit as I have lost quite a lot of strength over the last two weeks. I should have just gone to the gym sick and spread my germs around.....sigh... maybe zed will buy me  a power rack for christmas.... I'll settle for a dodgy import trademe version! Or even an ex gym  version covered in ten years worth of bro-sweat.

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