Saturday, November 24, 2012

8 Wired - Super Conductor

This very special brew has been in my fridge for two weeks waiting for me to sample, MADNESS. But I've had loads of quality home brew to get through and I was saving it for a special occasion!
That special occasion being a Saturday afternoon after sitting through a conference (mostly interesting) that contained a talk I've already seen 3 times and ended with a very PC patronising talk on workplace well being.

Speaker: "Does anyone think resilience is a good thing to foster in the work place?"

Me: "No, I like the weekly mental breakdowns! Stress does amazing things to ones ability to throw tables through 3rd story windows!"

And my least favourite, when people reference the dictionary.

Speaker: "The Oxford English dictionary defines team as.........

Me: "ARGGGGH kill me now"

Events such as this is why its so important to have a stash of high quality high alcohol craft beer in the fridge at all times.

Superconductor, great name, great beer. Pours lovely warm orange amber with a thin head. Carbonation is fairly light.

Super sweet on the nose. Honeysuckle, fruity, slight hint of pine, shortbread? caramel? some kinda warm toasty biscuity note in with the sweet aromas. If you haven't tried a craft beer yet, you don't know what you're missing. Try doing an aroma comparison side by side, in the glass of steinlager, becks, heineken v.s any craft beer. Even if massive hops aren't to your taste I still think anyone will appreciate the aroma. Just like non-coffee drinkers still find the aroma of espresso appealing.

The beer is sweet and syrupy in the mouth with an instant grapefruit bitterness on the swallow. I love the sweet/bitter interaction in hoppy beers. It excites the taste buds and leaves you lots to ponder between mouthfuls. The oily hop flavours certainly hang around giving the brain something to dwell on removing focus from the long tiring day.

Overall I love it, I would have liked a little more carbonation. But otherwise delicious.

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Quite Simply Kellie said...

Susie, you are truly the Goddess of Hopsiness. Might crack one of those beers you gave us tonight with our F&C's xo