Friday, November 16, 2012

Brewery Tour at Hallertau - Your chance to brew with a Brewer.

Label from the 20L jerry can of wort we were given.
Hallertau was a great choice for the first in hopefully a long series of brew evenings with Mangrove Jacks.
Steve (Hallertau brew guy) started out as a home brewer, and most home brewers I've met also love craft beer. So it was a great chance to sample some Hallertau ask loads of questions and get some get advice for home brewing.

I also got to try some guest beers on tap at the bar including Liberty Evil burning monster and Garage project Day of the dead. Also I was really impressed by Hallertaus Minimus, an excellent summer beer. Lowish alcohol at 3.8% but loads of hop flavour. Wish it was sold as six packs in the local supermarket.

I was also surprised to find out that the beer isn't force carbonated  All the beer from the bar is served straight from a tank and the beer is kept under its own pressure  Did lead to some beautiful heads on those beers, so its working wonders. The big bonus of the night was of course the take home wort pack and yeast. The wort was brewed that day at Hallertau. Its a coriander and orange wheat beer. The yeast is a bavarian wheat beer strain, provided dried by Mangrove Jacks.

Start gravity is 1.0525, we were supposed to add 1 litre of water to the pack but I forgot. Lids already on!

SG 1.0175

SG 1.0175

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