Sunday, November 11, 2012

Making the same IPA - Experiments! Fallen 2.0

So I'm making my same IPA, no bastard mash of carapils this time though.

And for this batch I'm changing the yeast. I'm going with some Safale US-05.

I just bottled my first version of this, first version split into two batches, one will ridiculous dry hopping (Fallen 1.5) and the other without. (Fallen 1.0)

I can't get over how fruity this beer smelled though. This was my first downstairs brew, where the temp is between 16-20 degrees but usually constant 18. So I wasn't expecting too much in the way of fruity ester formation. But the smell of apples coming off the yeast cake was pretty intense. I just read that If you leave the beer longer the yeast will clean up some more of the acetaldehyde (green apple aroma cause by this). So this batch must be left for 3 - 4 weeks instead of 2-3.

Previous batch bulk primed with DME (which was pretty messy) so we'll see how that goes. 4 weeks till a test brew.
Ack it takes so long to taste the fruits of one's s labours!

OG 1.05 Waiting for wort to hit 18-20 degrees before pitching yeast.

SG 1.0175 Still fermenting Fair airlock activity. Sitting at 4.3% really want to dry hop soon! Plus OMG Krausen that hasn't fallen yet. I don't think its infected.Tasting good. better than Fallen 1.0.

SG 1.010 wow, still so much krausen and airlock activity. Long live US-05!

Dry hopped the bastard.

Dry hopped for too long maybe, but damn I was busy lol. Bottled, FG still 1.01 30 bottle woohoo!

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