Sunday, April 09, 2006

Go karting kicks ASS! can I say ass on here?

Although go-kart racing is not my first choice for weekend recreation, there is something about the company of teenage boys that makes you excited about anything noisy with an engine.
The place was loud, one of the go carts on the track kept back firing and when I was handed a disposable head covering to go under the helmet I wondered if this really was going to be the 15 minutes of excitement promised. Before I knew it I was in a kart waiting in the pits for the nod from the teenager running the track. To start with the acceleration seemed sluggish, but once I was up to speed there was no stopping me! The low centre of gravity makes it easy to take almost hairpin turns at full speed. I was fearless and just as well because the brakes were rubbish.
So I am now a fully fledged lean mean speed thingee. The only thing that would stop me doing it again is the price. $25 for 15 minutes, although that seems standard across Auckland its a bit expensive for 4 people!

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