Monday, April 24, 2006

Saving the planet one product at a time

OK, I have never been one of those hippie types. In fact they kind of piss me one house guest I had who refused to eat any of the food I cooked because it was not organic and 'Bad for you" So he went out and bought his organic bread and organic cheese and organic eggs and proceeded to make himself an organic fried egg and cheese sandwich. Suddenly my non-organic salad and non-organic stirfried chicken didn't seem so bad. I hope he has a coronary.

Bah! any way where was I? oh yeah. After reading more and more about whats in most commercial shampoos and reading some labels I decided that the daily chemical bath I was subjecting myself too probably wasn't all that good for me. I decided to give some organic/eco friendly products a try.

But first I must state.

"Just because a product is natural doesn't mean it is good for you. Nettles are natural and give you a rash, deadly nightshade is fairly natural and quite deadly. Lots of natural products are just as harmful and their active ingrediants often similar to some of the "chemicals" we are so afraid of."

And this too

"Just because a product is natural dont automatically assume it wont be effective. The ingredients in many different plants have yet to be fully characterised. Aspirin was originally derived from willow trees as early as 400bc and now synthetically produced only because it is cheaper to do so. If someone today suggested you chew some tree leaves to reduce pain you might tell them where they could put their leaves......"

Ok and after all that rambling here is my point
I tried some eco store vanilla shampoo, it really is excellent and by far the best shampoo I have ever used.

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Daddy said...


When I stayed at my friend, Jamie's, place in Auckland recently. He used that Eco brand washing machine powder. Now, I don't particularly care for hippies, but this washing power smells really nice in the washing. So now I use it, it smells nice, but not as nice as it was in Auckland. Go figure.