Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Shit! I forgot to do nothing

After a full on Easter weekend I went back to work today a husk of my former self. Im lucky I didn't lose a finger on the microtome, I was on autopilot the whole day. Even two cups of acrid reflux inducing instant coffee from the tea room (uh more like a nook really, its not a room, actually its a bench in the hallway) could perk me up. I should've taken a day just for blobbing. I find nothing is as rejuvenating as a day spent doing nothing in particular, reading 20 pages from half a dozen books, channel surfing for two hours, surfing the web only looking at the pictures and moving piles of stuff from one corner to another corner. Those are days that make you super productive the next day. I try have one every sunday.

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