Thursday, February 07, 2013

Dr. Hops World Pale Ale

I'm finding most hoppy beers are best enjoyed from my Tuatara glass, it has such a nice shape. So Dr. Hops you'll have to share the limelight with a branded glass I'm afraid.

First thing I notice on the label is Best Before Jan 13. Fuck. I can only blame the boys at Glengarry for this. They insist on following me into the chiller and helping me select beers. I suspect they think I'm going to stuff my giant handbag with expensive craft beers and flee the store. Although they are only trying to be helpful they directed me specifically to this expired beer. CONSPIRACY! I think so.

Its my understanding that hop aroma fades over time and maybe even some of the hop flavour so I might not be trying this beer at its best.

Also on the label is a link to the website, go there at your own risk. And make sure you turn your speakers up really loud!

So we have a beer that is a deep spiced orange colour with a thin white head, its fairly hazy. Its got a sweet aroma,  oranges and marmalade maybe a hint of lychee and tropical fruits.

Its bitter and effervescent to drink. Little spice and a little green sap. The malts are quite nice but its pretty dominated by bitter hops. There's a medium finish with hop breath hanging around for a while and sweetening in your mouth as the oil evaporate from your tongue. Its good drinking for a pale ale, but ones enough for me. I really wish I'd been able to try this earlier.

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