Thursday, February 28, 2013

Green Flash - Rayon Vert

Do you like head?! Or just foam in general? Then this is the beer for you. At first I thought I had spontaneously lost the ability to pour beer, all I was getting was foam foam FOAM. And its long lasting. Even after getting a majority of the beer into the glass the foam kept building rising about the glass like a beer soufflé. Carbonation is done with a heavy hand here but the effect is beautiful and fanciful. (If only bubble bath were beer........)

Green Flash make some of my favourite beers in the whole world, the West Coast IPA and the Double Stout are beer perfection (to my stunted little taste-buds anyway). So not being a huge fan of Belgium styles and slightly afraid of the Brett I am slightly nervous of this offering.

This is my first encounter with a whole Brett beer to myself and I'm surprised to find myself enjoying it. Initially all the aroma is clove. It's soon followed up with some solvent lemon and the funk. I've got the funk and I feel it in my bones. I'm actually enjoying the aroma. Its got hints of medicinal phenolics that I don't find too off putting, instead its alluring and kinda reminds me of old wooden chests that stored my grandparents sacred treasures.

The carbonation keeps everything light and refreshing. Its like a wheat beer and pale ale and brett funk all rolled into one. Its complex, but not difficult to enjoy.

Belgium characteristics aren't too strong and as the beer warms the clove fades and I get more of the brett aromas. Peachy hops, malty sourness. Its all over the place.

At 7% it slides down pretty easy, probably dangerous for an after work brew, but the effort of trying to get it in the glass means I wouldn't have more than one anyway. (nah I'm lying, I'd do it all over again in a green flash!)

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