Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finding a Decent Burner for Home brewing in New Zealand.

This is my cheapo burner set up. My husband bought it for me as a christmas present so I could get started in all grain brewing. We got it at the night markets in Glenfield from a wok dealer for about $80. It came with a regulator. A nice bright blue regulator! A bright orange hose to the the 3 ring burner also was included. It was a pretty good deal.

Each ring has a flow adjuster, well I think thats what they are. Sadly only the smallest ring (controlled by the middle tap) burns clean. Everything else is throwing out so much carbon and making a bloody mess each time I brew. The flames are orange wether or not theres a pot on the frame. I need to get more oxygen in the mix somehow. I have no idea how to do that without blowing myself up.
But I wont let ignorance stand in the way! After a bit of experimenting and some husband power to loosen off the the cog things behind the taps we finally had nice blue flames. Yep those cog things controlled the mix, and while there's still a hint of yellow at the tips of 2 ring its MUCH better than it was.

Now with the burner issue sorted I can finally concentrate on getting a fridge for temperature controlled brewing!


julianz said...

Hi - how's that burner been going? I've seen the guy at Glenfield market and it's time for me to get an all grain setup here.

Susie Warwick said...

Its not bad, I only need 2 rings to get a decent rolling boil, I note that a few of the holes dont seem to have any flames coming out, I imagine going down all the outlets with a good metal file might help. But still, it does the job. and cheap too.

julianz said...

Thanks - that's good news, I'm hoping to be able to boil a double batch with a bit of luck. I've heard there's often bits of leftover slag and casting sand left in these so you're right, a cleanout might be in order.