Friday, February 01, 2013

Just add Yeast - Fresh Wort Packs

I first heard about fresh wort packs when I was still extract brewing. It was quite an exciting prospect, fresh professionally made wort and all I had to do was supervise the fermentation. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Now I'm an all grain brewer, albeit BIAB, I love learning all the styles of beer and tweaking recipes to be my own however I am still excited by the new Fresh Wort products from Mangrove Jacks but for entirely different reasons. Each month Andrew Childs from Mangrove Jacks teams up with a craft brewery. The next wort pack is coming from Mike's Organic Brewey in Taranaki! Even if you don't live locally you can still get some as delivery is only $10! Its a red IPA named Red Dingo and is made with galaxy hops. Sounds really delicious and its only $60 for 20L (which you can top up with water to 23L or leave as is for a stronger beer).

Its an ideal product for the time poor brewer, you still get to have craft beer at home without resorting to extract.

The wort packs come with recipes on the side so if it turns out a stunner you can recreate it at home. Its only once a month and they sell out fast so sign up for the mailing list if you want to try one.

Wort pack from The Deep creek Brewery. Mmmm Zythos hops! It came with 100g of pellets for dry hopping too.


Johnny said...

Can they be brewed in the original container or do they need to be transferred?

Susie Warwick said...

They are not really set up to use as fermenters, I guess you could take the cap off and drill a hole for an airlock. But I think its best to transfer to a fit for purpose fermenter.