Friday, December 07, 2007

everyday - a little bit angry.

Every morning on the way to work I pass the bus stop on Glenfield road. The weird bus stop.

To me its looks like it has been installed backwards. The seat faces in towards the hill. So if you are a weary traveler and are looking to rest your tired feet you can do so, but you must face the bank of the hill. Which I'm sure is peaceful and relaxing for some.

BUT HIGHLY STRESSFUL FOR OTHERS.... because you cant see the traffic! So how can you tell if your bus is coming along the road. The only possible part of the bus shelter that would be useful as a clear window to the outside world of traffic and buses is covered completely with advertising.

So on cold wet mornings, weary commuters are often seen standing in the rain, the ridiculous shelter unused. It is a daily glaring indictment on the lack of foresight of the north shore city council (water bill $83.00) .

It makes me just a little bit outraged, just a little bit mad. So every morning I arrive at work, a little bit angry.

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