Friday, December 21, 2007

Stray to stay?

A poor sweet little stray has taken a shining to our home. She turned up on the back deck, skinny with only angles for hips and probably a stash of kittens waiting for her return nearby.

The cat is incredibly friendly, so she hasn't been stray for long. I wonder what has happened to her. Did her owners find out she was pregnant and dump her somewhere? Did they move and abandon her? Or are they just not feeding this mum well enough so she has to come scavenging for food? Put a notice on the Pets on the Net webpage just in case someone is missing her. Its the lost and found for pets, even the SPCA uses it.

Mean times she follows me round the house and the garden, getting under foot and jumping on my lap at every chance. She'll even sit at the end of my bed for a while and then she's out the cat door till morning. Shes a sweet little cat, if a little neurotic.

Either way I think I have to follow her and see if she will show me her kittens. If they aren't raised around humans it will be very hard for them to ever have a home. They will all need worming and flea treatments. Then the mother will need to be fixed too.

Sigh, well I have been saying a need a cat for a while now.


Cavegirl said...

Cats often choose their owners and they only choose cat-friendly, caring folk. So you know you're a good person if one comes to stay. What have you named her?

gaely said...

Shes adorable - it was meant to be - whats her name - cats ofen have their own names - keep us upto date please prow prow

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