Friday, December 07, 2007

In other fun news.. Neuralgia!

Jeebus, its supposed to happen to people over 30. But with the way I drink my body is at least that!

Anyway mines being caused by some bunged up shoulder and neck muscles. (Probably, a doctor told me)

Its an interesting sensation, its like pins and needles....ah um.. but different (mmmmmm pain my favourite!). All over my scalp. Thrills a minute! Neuralgia my new friend!

Its been going on for three days now and all my nerves are inflamed (apparently, a doctor told me so!) So Voltaren for a week and I must work on my posture and see an osteopath. bah.

Once again $42 (Thank god, its used to be $60! thanks Labour government!) for something I already knew. But I guess I will actually go and see someone about my posture rather than just thinking about it. Hey my doctors opinion cost $42!! I'm not going to ignore it! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sus - been there - have a very very good chiropractor - even Bigs is going now and its making a difference to him - anyway mine was neck, head, shoulder arm etc etc a long ongoing problem - he is Dr Gary and he is at the Apollo Centre - still $40.00 a pop but Southern Cross will reimburse if you have it - will call you - now back to your tingles

Cavegirl said...